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About Us

Lipsmacking Cakes from Gingerbread…

At GINGERBREAD we take utmost care to bake your special cake with the finest ingredients carefully selected from across the world .

We offer you our finest range of cakes in 21 regal flavours , countless shapes and colours. Whether it is your child or spouse's birthday, a memorable anniversary , a corporate celebration , a very special day or just a get together, GINGERBREAD has all the answers for your quest for the finest cakes.

Gingerbread has pioneered at the concept of photocakes, The best thing about our photograph cakes is the personal touch. Why not create a unique personalised cake for that special someone? Use your favorite photos, cartoon characters, cricket star, super hero or whatever is special to decorate your cake.Whatever the special occasion is, a photo cake is a great choice and offers something that other cakes simply cannot, the personal touch

Each of our creations are 100% free of chemical preservatives. Therefore you are not just buying a tasty cake but a healthy food too. At GINGERBREAD your cake is baked at a world class hygienic facility and our culinary team is among the best there is.

Bon Appetit...